The BIDSconvertR

The BIDSconvertR R-package converts MRI DICOM data into BIDS-specification.


We welcome feedback on usability or new features for the BIDSconvertR, which is still in development.


The goal of BIDSconvertR is to provide a workflow that can:


  • Creation of a ‘user_settings’ file that
    • stores all settings and

    • can be used to relaunch the conversion in case of new acquired data in ongoing studies

  • Optional renaming of subject-ID’s or session-ID’s
    • Extraction of the subject-ID’s

    • Removal of redundant strings

  • Conversion with DCM2NIIX (Chris Rorden)
    • Anonymization of metadata for the BIDS Folder

    • Extraction of metadata with potentially identifying information that is stored in a separate folder

  • Shiny-App for BIDS sequence editing
    • Color-coded BIDS validation for manually entered sequence-ID’s

    • Selection of ‘relevant’ sequences for the BIDS folder

  • Automatic start of BIDS-Validator
    • in Docker if it is installed or

    • on the BIDS-Validator homepage

  • Shiny-App for navigating through the BIDS folder
    • image viewing and visual quality control

When new files or sequences are added, the’sequence mapper’ determines whether they are new. Then it reopens until everything is declared in accordance with BIDS. Files that have already been processed are bypassed.

Technical requirements

  • Supported and tested on Microsoft 10 and Ubuntu 22.04.

  • Not tested on MacOS, but it should work. You could try it out and let me know if there are any problems.

What the user needs to know to apply the BIDSconvertR


What it isn’t:

A fully automated workflow that takes care of everything. You must have a basic understanding of files, folders, and DICOMS, as described below.

  • What exactly is a folder or file? What happened to my data?

  • What is a DICOM-containing folder?

  • What is the difference between a subject- and sequence-ID?

  • What exactly is BIDS?

  • How to create valid BIDS sequence names?

So, if you can manually rename and restructure the folders according to BIDS, you can run the tool to scale things up.

Workflow (optional file cleaning):